Monday, September 15, 2014

The abandoned Loew's Kings Theatre in New York

Loew's Kings Theatre opened September 7, 1929 in Brooklyn. The 3,676 seat house was built and operated by the Loew's Theatres chain, and was one of the five "Loew's Wonder Theatres" in the New York metropolitan area. It originally presented shows that combined movies and live vaudeville. Many celebrities who grew up in Brooklyn and went to area high schools worked as ushers at Loew's Kings, among them were Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler.

King's Theatre closed in 1971 and fell in disrepair for the next 4 decades. Although it was left intact at the time it shut down, extensive physical damage was sustained to its interior as a result of decades of neglect, water damage and vandalism. The City of New York, owner of the theater since 1979, decided in 2010 to fully restore it and renovate it in order to be used as a modern theater, accommodating some 250 performances a year. Restoration works are currently in progress and Kings Theatre is going to reopen in 2015. Most of the following photos where taken before these works began.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

An abandoned university in Belgium

This university in Belgium has been left abandoned, with last students leaving in 2005. In its classrooms and corridors there are still teaching materials and equipment left behind, among them thousands of computer punched cards. Blogger lunie_chan visited the abandoned university a few months ago. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Nara Dreamland, an abandoned theme park in Japan

Nara Dreamland theme park was built in 1961 near the city of Nara, Japan. The creators of the park were inspired by Disneyland in California and tried to replicate the same feel, copying some of the main landmarks including the Train depot, a Main Street, U.S.A. and the familiar Sleeping Beauty Castle. The park had its own mascots, which were 2 kids dressed as bear skinned guards, named Ran-chan and Dori-chan.

Nara Dreamland closed permanently on August 31, 2006 due to low visitor numbers. Everything inside the park, including the rides and reastaurants, was left induct and is still standing today. This gives the impression of an eerie ghost town, attracting many urban explorers.

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