Monday, August 11, 2014

The abandoned town of Kharanaq in Iran

The abandoned village of Kharanaq is near the city of Yazd, in central Iran. Build in the shadow of a scenic mountain, the site is occupied for at least 4,000 years while some of the mud brick houses still standing today are up to 1,000 years old.

Only a few people live in Kharanaq today. Until a few years ago there was even a guest house in the village but not many tourists visit the area. Some restoration work is taking place around the village.

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  1. Loving these pics and you blog generally, I find all abandoned places endlessly fascinating. Thanks for posting

  2. I'd love to visit some of these places one day...

  3. I also would like to visit these places some time. These pictures are extraordinary. I spent time in Egypt. There, especially the crafts men's homes were built much lower in the ground. I figure both civilizations lived around the same time. Thank you so much for sharing.


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