Monday, August 4, 2014

An abandoned Thai shopping mall overtaken by fish

New World shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand used to be an eleven storey building. Its top seven floors were demolished in 1997 though as it was found to be in breach of the city's building codes. In 1999 the mall was burned down in a suspected arson and several people were killed. Since then, the building remained abandoned.

As its roof had collapsed, the basement floor remains under several feet of water year round. During the early 2000's, an unknown person introduced a small population of the domesticated Koi fish species do deal with the growing mosquito problem. The population began to thrive and the mall's basement became a self-sustained urban aquarium.

Blogger and photographer Jesse Rockwell took some photos in the abandoned mall last year, which quickly went viral.



  1. Whenever you've got nothing in the fridge go catch a fish in the abandoned mall and *BAM* dinner! Hahahaha

  2. How did you find all of these places? I love traveling to abandoned places and all of these places would be amazing to visit! Some of these posts are truly amazing!


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