Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The abandoned Six Flags New Orleans amusement park

It's been 8 years since hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans, living the city in ruins. The eastern part of the city where Six Flags amusement park is located since 2000 was badly flooded. The park itself was submerged under 4-7 feet (1-2 meters) of water when a combination of rainwater and sea water overflew from Lake Pontchartrain due to Katrina's massive storm surge. 

80% of the park buildings were demolished while all of its rides except of Batman: The Ride were destroyed. Six Flags expressed its wish to break early from the 75-year lease with the City of New Orleans but this won't happen before all insurance claims are settled. Until then, the park remains closed.  

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  1. Awesome! The crazy thing is, I went here when it was open. It's amazing to see it in its current state.

  2. It hurts my heart to see six flags like this reconstruct it! :-(

  3. Does anyone know the current status of Six Flags? Is it still the urban exploring place to go?! Has it been Demo'd, is it still able to be walked inside of?! Someone answer please... a friend wants to do a photo shoot there

    1. It is still there and abandoned. NOPD has it under high surveillance


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