Friday, June 7, 2013

Abandoned villas in the Greek islands

As the economic crisis hit Greece, the development and sales of many hotels and villas in the Greek islands has been postponed. Many buildings have been left unfinished, waiting for a better time, sooner or later. 

Dutch photographer Patrick Van Dam travelled around Greece for this project. He says:

The projects were developed on the most wonderful and unique locations. On hillsides with breathtaking sea views or on mountains surrounded by olive trees, enclosed with privacy and serenity.  

The architectural lines combined with the ash-grey concrete structures are an attractive contrast against the rough, red-coloured rocks, the warm yellow high grass and the olive green bushes and trees. This almost abstract scenery shows a unique synergy between architecture and nature. It creates a new and intriguing landscape in which failure, poverty and hopelessness are easily forgotten.

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  1. Looks like many places here in Cyprus - but doesnt come close to the ghost city of Varosha abandonned since 1974 and the Turkish invasion We live overlooking some of the empty hotels..


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