Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inside a Russian Space Capsule Cemetery

Russian blogger Saoirse took photos of space capsules and other mechanical equipment found abandoned inside an old hangar. Some of them manned and some unmanned, space capsules are mostly used as landers for astronauts and cosmonauts. As their exterior faces extreme temperatures and pressure during atmospheric reentry, most of them are non-reusable.

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Space capsules come in different types and sizes accoring to the type of the main spacecraft to which they are attached

Detail of a space capsule's interior

An unmaned Soyuz capsule from Progress spacecraft

Α sketch from the descent procedure

Other equipment found inside the hangar

A Вертикаль (Vertical) Soviet rocket used by the International Program of Cooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space

A fragment of a Soyuz spacecraft

A Soyuz capsule signed by cosmonauts (perhaps Soyuz TM-32)

The interior of s space capsule

Another disassembled space capsule interior


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