Friday, July 27, 2012

Athens Olympic Games sites, 8 years later

Athens 2004 Olympic Games were considered successful at that time. The Greek organsizers invested about 9 billion Euros (11 billion US dollars), although the exact cost of the Games has not been determined. Most of the sports facilities were built exclusively for the Olympics without any predifined plans for their future use. 

As a result, many of those facilities have been hardly ever used after the Games ended. Even in sites that are still in use, for example the Athens Olympics Sports Complex (OAKA), many parts have been left without adequeate maintenance. 

Other, such as the Nikaia Weightlifting Hall, the Helliniko Softball Stadium have been left unused since 2004, awaiting future plans for their fate. 


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Faliro Olympic Complex, Athens.

The Olympic Stadium "Spiros Louis", Athens.

Indoors pools, Olympic Aquatic Center.
Training pitches, Faliro Beach Volleyball Training Center.

Spectator strand. Helliniko Olympic Canoe/Kayak Slalom Center.

Helliniko Olympic Canoe/Kayak Slalom Center.
Olympic Beach Volleyball Stadium, Faliro.
OAKA plaza and arch, Athens Olympic Sports Complex.
Stadium "Spiros Louis".
Entrance Gate. Athens Olympic Sports Complex.
OAKA plaza. Athens Olympic Sports Complex.
Field hockey pich. Helliniko Olympic Complex.
Track and field training ground, Helliniko.
Helliniko fencing hall. Helliniko Olympic Complex.


  1. Such a sad lack of planning or forethought

  2. They should totally film some new seasons of Battlestar Gallactica here. Writers?

  3. It sad how we spend so much and abandoned it


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