Thursday, August 25, 2016

The abandoned bathtubs of an Indian city

Gurgaon, is a relatively new and largely privately developed city in northern India and it is littered with bathtubs. A visitor can observe abandoned bathtubs, everywhere: On sidewalks, under trees, in piles of rubble, left at intersections. Some have been converted into plant pots while other have been used as storehouses by street vendors. 

Gurgaon resident Namrata Mehta explains on the site that bathtubs are being installed in all new houses and apartments in the city as they are considered "an epitome of luxury" and increase their rental or resale value. However, people who buy houses in Gurgaon are ensuring they fit their lifestyles and needs and they do so by replacing the tiles, kitchen walls, or toilets provided by the developer, with new ones.

And like that, new abandoned bathtubs end up in the streets of Gurgaon every day.

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