Monday, November 9, 2015

The deserted Ducor Hotel of Monrovia

Ducor Hotel used to be one of the most prominent hotels not only in Liberia but in the whole Africa. Built in 1960 on the highest point of Monrovia, the 5-star hotel had 106 rooms and it was eight stores high.

Being the first international-class hotel constructed in Liberia (operated by Intercontinental Hotels), Ducor Hotel was frequented by politicians, diplomats and business people from across the continent. It host many important meetings between African leaders and its various amenities (French restaurant, swimming pool, tennis courts) made it popular with tourists and visiting professionals from all around the world.

Ducor Hotel closed in 1989, just before the coup of Charles Taylor which led to the First Liberian Civil War. The hotel was damaged and looted during the war and eventually its rooms were occupied by displaced residents of many of Monrovia's slums. In 2007 the government evicted the squatters and a year later it leased the hotel to the government of Libya with plans to renovate and reopen Ducor Hotel. However, with the fall of Gaddafi government, these plans were abandoned and Ducor Hotel remains abandoned until today.

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  1. Reminds of the Jerma Palace hotel in Malta which had a very similar fate. It may be worth investigating for your excellent blog.


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