Friday, October 25, 2013

An abandoned railway in the middle of Paris

Before the Paris Métro, there was the 'Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture' or "little belt railway". Its steam engined trains run around the French capital, on tracks built between the city's forts, encircling 19th century Paris.

The railway fell into decline from the 1930's  and by 1985 all parts of the 30km (19 miles) line were shut down. The ancient walls through which the trains were running kept the Petite Ceinture isolated and allowed nature to reclaim the space. Recently, a small part of the railway opened as a park, with Parisians debating the fate of the rest of the line.

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  1. I would suggest... let the nature do the job.

  2. I wonder if this is where they shot a scene from Mood Indigo.

  3. For a track thats been shut down for 30 years some parts of this look remarkably well maintained

  4. try running an electric train car on it to reduce the Paris smog and traffic problemes

  5. I wonder if any of those locations were used in the 1964 film, "The Train." It was set in WW II, about a rail shipment of priceless art being stolen by the Nazis, and the French Underground trying to stop the train without destroying the artwork. Pretty good action movie!

    1. Most of the shooting was on a disused line in North West France. I've visited the village where the train wrecks were set up. Most of the track is still in place. See :

  6. Does anybody know if it still looks the way as in the pictures? because I would be coming over from holland and the pics are from 2013..

  7. Make it into a tourist attraction! It would be so cool to see the old forts and tunnels!


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