Monday, February 8, 2016

Horror Labs: The abandoned Anderlecht Veterinary School

It looks like a set of a horror film. The abandoned labs of Anderlecht Veterinary School in Brussels is one of the creepiest deserted places we've seen. The veterinary school was based in a complex of 19 Flemish neo-Renaissance style buildings, constructed in the early 20th century. In 1969 it was incorporated into the University of Liège, losing its independence.

The veterinary school abandoned the building in 1991, moving to the Sart-Tilman district of Liège. What was left behind though amazed urban explorers for years. Heads, brains and various other anatomical samples of kittens, dogs, rats and pigs decaying inside jars filled with formaldehyde. Around them, bottles with unknown fluids, syringes and other old, rusty medical equipment.

By late 2014, most of those specimens were removed as the buildings were under renovation. The site of the old veterinary school is going to be turned into executive apartments.

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