Monday, October 19, 2015

The deserted Giersdorf Church in Poland

Żeliszów is a small village in south-western Poland, very close to the German borders. In fact, until 1945 and the end of World War II, Żeliszów was in Germany. There, the evangelical Giersdorf (the German name of Żeliszów) church was built between 1796-1797 by the design of self-taught architect Carl Gotthard Langhans, whose best known work is the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, The church was built in an elliptical shape with dimensions of about 20x30 meters. In 1872, by the design of local architect Peter Gansel the bell tower was built out of bolesławiecki sandstone.

The church, which locals called "the Pearl of Żeliszó", survived World War II but was deserted after Żeliszów became a part of Poland and fell in disrepair. Currently, it's undergoing renovations by Your Heritage Foundation (Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo) and it's going to be used as a multifunctional arena for cultural events, concerts, films, and photos.

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