Monday, January 25, 2016

An abandoned Soviet interplanetary communication link center

This abandoned Soviet interplanetary communication link center was photographed by urban explorer Ulter1or, after walking dozens of kilometers through the snow. The complex includes a huge antenna with a diameter of 75 meters (75 feet), as well as a 2-story underground command center.

The main task of this communication center was the monitoring and control of a number of spacecrafts of the pioneering Soviet space program. Among them, the world's first satellitethe first manned space flight, the flight of the first woman - cosmonautthe first spacewalk, and the first transmission of a color image with the use of artificial satellites.

Inside the complex, mechanical equipment and archives have been left abandoned. An underground bunker features the center's control room as well as storage rooms and living quarters. Clothes hanging on hangers and dusty household appliances give the impression that the space is temporarily abandoned and ghost soldiers are still operating the machines. And indeed, the fresh tire marks on the snow indicate there is still some military presence around the area. 

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