Thursday, April 25, 2013

Empty billboards in Greece

They can still be found all around Greece, along the highways and inside the city centers. Today though, many advertisement billboards have stopped carrying messages.

As turnover in retail trade has dropped by 54.6% since 2009, the advertising companies that own the billboards have suffered greatly from the economic crisis, as those advertised, in their attempt to reduce operational costs, have slashed their advertising expenses.

Worn by time and assaulted by bad weather, the message the billboards carry today, is the absence of message.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Deserted streets in Boston, as the city goes into lockdown

On Friday 19 April 2013 a manhunt took place in Boston for the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two suspects in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings a week earlier. 

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick asked residents of Watertown, where the suspect was believed to be hiding, and the adjacent cities and towns (Boston, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, and Waltham) to "shelter in place". The entire public transit network was suspended, as was Amtrak service to and from Boston. Universities, schools, businesses, and other facilities remained closed as thousands of law enforcement personnel participated in a door-to-door manhunt.

At around 6 pm Deval Patrick ended the lockdown after the day-long search failed to locate the suspect. An hour later Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was discovered by a citizen and arrested by police

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The abandoned LA subway

The Pacific Electric 'Red Car' and the Los Angeles Railway 'Yellow Car' lines were LA's original railway and the ancestor of today's Metro Rail, operating from the end of the 19th century till the 1960's.

The Subway terminal building in downtown Los Angeles was built in 1925 as a terminus for the Hollywood Subway branch of the Red Car. The building ceased operation in 1955 when the Subway closed due to low ridership. The trucks were removed and the tunnels were sealed up. Years later, the terminal building was turned into luxury apartments.

Last year, blogger Alissa Walker took a tour of an abandoned part of the subway, starting from the terminal building, showing us what remains from LA's original subway.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holy Land USA: An abandoned Bible theme park

In 1940, Roman Catholic attorney John Baptist Greco, opened Holy Land USA, a Bible-inspired theme park in Waterbury, Connecticut. Greco, a Waterbury native, wanted the community to be able to better understand the Bible. His vision was a place for all people, regardless of race, creed or color, to sit and be peaceful.

The park was built with the help of a group of volunteers known as Companions of Christ. It featured Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Herod's palace, a recreation of the Garden of Eden, a diorama depicting Daniel in the lions' den, and various recreations of the life and ministry of Jesus. The centerpiece of the site was a 56-foot (17 meters) tall cross and an illuminated sign that read “Holy Land USA.

During the 1960s and 70s, Holy Land USA became the largest tourist attraction in Connecticut with more than 40,000 visitors annualy. The was closed down by Greco in 1984 with plans to improve and expand the site. The word, however, was left unfinished when Greco died in 1986. 

Since then, the park has fallen into a state of advanced disrepair. The property was left to Religious Sisters of Filippi Greco who have been accused of stopping any restoration efforts. Currently the site remains closed although it continues to attract the attention of many tourists as well as urban explorers. 

In 2010, the rape and murder of a 16-year old girl inside the property generated interest in the unused property and its future. 

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