Monday, January 11, 2016

Tour the abandoned Star Wars film sets in Tunisia

Why would hundreds of Star Wars fans visit the Tunisian desert every year? Because that's the filming location George Lucas chose to film many scenes for his Star Wars movie franchise. Being in the Sahara desert definitely gives you a feeling you're out of this planet which was needed for the movies. The desert also provided inspiration for Lucas. The planet Tatooine was named after the town of Tataouine, located close to a filming location.

Most of the sets are still in relative good state as there was no reason to be taken down due to their location. Star Wars fans have even raised money and worked with locals to restore some of them and today. In 2015 there were reports that Star Wars set were under threat by ISIS, however Tunisian authorities reassured visitors that no such threat exists.

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  1. Saying middle of Sahara for a site in Tunisia is a little bit exaggerated...

  2. It's just not really "abandonned", because there are so many tourists there every day. And yes, "in the middle of the Sahara" is a huge exaggeration. There is a village 500 meters from the site, you can see it in one of the pictures, and there's other villages just a few kilometers to any direction.

    1. Hello, I think you've missunderstood the point of this blog. 'Abandoned'means something is not in use. An abandoned building might stand in the middle of the city, often having frequent visitors.

  3. They looked abandoned to me. I enjoy your work.


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