Monday, January 4, 2016

Okpo Land: An abandoned amusement park in South Korea

Okpo Land was an amusement park built on top of a mountain, in the outskirts of Okpo-dong neighborhood, on South Korea's Geoje island. The park has a controversial history as it was a site of 2 fatal accidents before authorities shut it down. 

In the middle 1990's a person died on the park's famous duck-themed coaster, but his family received no compensation or apology from the park. When the exact same accident occurred again in 1999, the park's owner disappeared overnight, leaving the second victim's family again with no compensation or apology. Soon after, the park was declared unsafe by the authorities and shut down. For years, the cart where the second victim died, was left hanging off the edge of the ride's tracks. 

What was left from Okpo Land park was finally demolished in 2011.

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  1. Hi there, did you visit this park? Is it still there?


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