Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inside Buzludzha, the abandoned Bulgarian Communist party monument

From far, it looks like an abandoned flying saucer sitting on top of the hill but the Buzludzha monument is an enormous construction built on Bulgaria's Balkan mountains to mark the site where the Bulgarian Communist party was founded in 1891.

Buzludzha opened in 1981 but after the fall of communism it was left abandoned by the Bulgarian government. Since then it has been heavily vandalised and is now a destination for urban explorers and tourists. 



  1. is the building already renovated?

    1. No! And it will never be. :(
      I'm from Bulgaria and I've been there once.

  2. Someone should renovate this building, turn it into a memorial for all the people killed by the Communist regime, let us remind the perpetrators of their crime...


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