Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An abandoned Detroit High School, now and then

Lewis Cass Technical High School is one of the most historic schools of Detrot. It was founded in 1907  and by 1942 it was the largest school in Michigan with 4,200 students attending the eight-storey brick and limestone building. Its alumnis include musicians Diana Ross and Jack White. 

In 2004 the school was moved to new, modern facilities. The old building was left abandoned, and 3 years later it was damaged by a big fire. Finally, by the end of 2011 the building was demolished. 

Before the school's demolition, spent time taking pictures of each room of the building and combined them with old photos of the exact locations. 

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Source:, Wikipedia



  1. I find this post to be strangely beautiful...

    1. The two different time periods fit really well together when combined and create a beautiful piece of art

  2. This is heart wrenching. I am so sad for Detroit, I pray someday it will come back!

  3. How sad to see the life gone from such a vibrant past. I pray that someday Detroit will come back!