Monday, December 9, 2013

An abandoned mall in St. Louis

Crestwood Court, previously known as Crestwood Plaza, was the first major shopping mall to open in the St. Louis area back in 1957. It was such an important landmark for the city, that John F. Kennedy gave a speech in the mall's parking lot during his 1960 campaign. Crestwood was originally an open-air mall but it was enclosed in 1984. 

During its last 15 years, Crestwood Court changed ownership twice but this didn't help with its decreasing number of visitors who probably prefered to visit newer open-air malls. Tenants started abandoning the mall and on September 2013, the last remaining store shut down. Since there Crestwood Court has remained completely vacant. Digital artist Dan Wampler visited the mall and took a series of fascinating photos. 

More deserted places in the US

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  1. So sad that this big huge space is just going to waste especially with so many homeless people in the world! You can take this building and use it for homeless people to get them out of the weather.

    1. I've been saying that for years about Jamestown mall. Its even equipped to serve food! It seems like a ministry coalition should take it on and do just that.

  2. i have a lot of memories at that place

  3. This place was great as a child, I remember going to pine wood derby races here, even won 2nd place once.

  4. I used to work at tilt, the arcade in the basement. So many memories of this place.

  5. it used to have lots of spaces for artists: photographers, theaters, a glass place.

    I guess they decided to stop doing that


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