Monday, December 2, 2013

China's newest -and emptiest- airport terminal

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport's Terminal 3 opened last week receiving much praise for its design. The terminal, which cost 740 million euros (1.01 billion US dollars) was seen as a symbol of China's explosion onto the world stage of global travel. Rome based Studio Fuksas designed an enormous terminal covering 400,00 sq. meters (4.3 million sq. feet). It can handle up to 45 million passengers a year but so far nobody seems to want to go there. Only one European airline is operating from the airport offering trips to Helsinki, and the only flights to the US are cargo planes to Anchorage in Alaska.

One of the reasons for the low interest could be that Shenzhen (which is in close proximity to Hong Kong) doesn't allow visa-free stop overs, unlike other Chinese cities. If more airlines will choose to use Terminal 3 in the future remains to be seen. Until then, it will remain a shiny but empty space.

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