Monday, September 22, 2014

An abandoned industrial complex in St. Petersburg

'Krasny Treugolnik' in St. Petersburg was one of the oldest industrial complexes of Russia's second largest city. Today, most of its buildings are abandoned while a couple of them are still being leased.

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  1. I especially like those picture where you already see plants growing all over the place... by the way, on one of these pictures it says "Luftschutzkeller" on the wall, whch means air-raid shelter in German. Can you explain the story of this?

  2. The inscription in German is made for filmings of the movie about war)
    Check this link for more photos

  3. Not to sound too much like a day tripper, but is this a safe/easy place to explore? I'll be in st Petersburg for 2 weeks in July and would love to check this out.


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