Monday, July 25, 2016

The film set of the abandoned town of Spectre from Tim Burton's Big Fish

Those of you who've watched Tim Burton's Big Fish remember the town of Spectre, where everyone tossed their shoes on a clothesline so they could walk around barefoot forever. When Ewan McGregor ends up there, he decides he can’t settle, vows to come back, and leaves to return years later when the town is abandoned.

To bring Spectre to live, Tim Burton chose a small island which stretches over Jackson Lake, near the town of Millbrook, Alabama. After filming ended, the production didn't tear down the film set. Although most of the film set has collapsed after years of neglect, part of the "abandoned" town with its fake houses and even some fake trees is standing on the island till this day.

The film set is on a private land. The owner allows curious visitors to take a look around the set or even camp on it after paying a fee.

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