Monday, July 7, 2014

Yekaterinburg TV Tower: The tallest abandoned structure in the world

The Yekaterinburg TV Tower is one of the landmarks of the major Russian city and also has the title of the tallest abandoned building in the world. Its construction started in 1983 but it was put on hold during the collapse of USSR. The tower today stands at 220 meters (720 feet) while, according to plans, it was intended to be 400 meters (1,300 feet) tall, after an antenna was added. The elevators were never installed and anyone who wants to go up its 26 floors (not including the tower's base) has to take the stairs.

Due do some construction errors, the tower today is slightly leaning. During the 1990s, Yekaterinburg TV Tower was illegally  used for BASE jumping but after some fatal accidents it was eventually sealed in 2000. Throughout the years there have been plans to renovate and use the tower but until today nothing has been decided.

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  1. I feel like leaving something like this to rot over time could become pretty dangerous without proper maintenence.


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