Monday, April 28, 2014

An abandoned Moscow water park

The construction of the Akvadroma water park was approved in 1997, in preparation for the 1998 World Youth Games in Moscow

The ​​43,500 square-meter (468,000 sq. feet) building was 9 floors tall (with 3 more floors below ground) and included 5 swimming pools, water slides, track and field, guest rooms for athletes, offices, cafes, and a physiotherapy and medical center.

Akvandroma wasn't ready for the Games but its construction went on until February 2002 when the site was abandoned. In July 2007, the building was purchased with plans to be converted into a shopping mall.

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  1. Hi there! I am a big fan of your blog, by the way, can you feature the half filled round mansion in Belgium? It was captured by Adrian Govia. It was creepily beautiful, as if the occupants hurriedly left the house. All i can say is wow!

  2. Not to sound impatient but there hasn't been a post since April. Has the poster just been busy or is this blog deserted?


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