Monday, April 25, 2016

The abandoned Durham City Baths and Washhouses

The Durham City Baths and Washhouses in the city of North East England city of Durham opened in 1932 to replace an older peat-floored swimming pool that turned water into mud. The main pool measured 75 feet by 30 feet (23 by 9 meters), large enough to accommodate competitions by the Amateur Swimming Association.

The heat from the pool would be diverted to hot drying rooms and women would supplement their income by washing and drying other people's clothes. The hall was enhanced with plaster decorations of bulrushes and water lilies on the arch-ribbed roof. The balcony was supported by a pair of sandstone columns in the form of lotus buds, at either end of the pool.

The Durham City Baths stayed open until July 2008, after remaining in a desolate state during the final years. There were plans to demolish the building to make way for a housing development however those plans fell through. The Baths remained abandoned with urban explorers being the only visitors.

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