Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inside the abandoned Forest Park hospital

Forest Park Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri shut down in May 2011 after struggling financially for years. The 52,670-square-metre (567,000 square feet) building housed a nursing school, an emergency room, a psychiatric wing, and a maternity ward. Recently, the hospital's site was bought by Saint Louis Zoo and the land will be used for its expansion.

Photographer and urban explorer Nick Zulauf entered the abandoned building recently and captured these photos.

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  1. Im just wondering why there are still lights inside the Hospital. I think even the elevator was working well :)

    I love reading this kind of stuffs. :)

  2. It looks like they're still stripping parts from the hospital to sell, return to the manufacturer if they didn't finish paying for it, or send to a hospital that they might have partnered with. That can often be a long and laborious process, as removing some of the equipment involves tearing up walls and floors. Even some of the wall and flooring stuff can be sold if you take it apart correctly and carefully. This kind of shows how bad off the hospital was and how much money they must owe to break even, that they're going to that extent. The reason the electric is still running is because they need to have it going so they can perform the construction tasks that require current. I'd say that water might, MIGHT still be running in some parts of the hospital, as sometimes tearing something down is easier if they use water. That's more at the stage when they're just tearing everything to pieces, so odds are it's off for right now.

    In any case, it's amazing what's still in there. That microscope that was pictured is worth a couple hundred dollars on the open market and some places would be willing to turn their head if it meant getting it on the cheap. Guy's lucky he didn't get caught since that type of equipment remaining usually means that there's some sort of security still in place.

  3. Looks like there were some patient files still there also.

    1. That's exactly what I thought! It's a violation of their privacy right ?

  4. I love this stuf! Thank you for sharing your pictures. It fasinates me how something like this dies when it was once a busy, busy hub of humanity!


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