Friday, September 21, 2012

Surfridge, a ghost town within Los Angeles

Inside the city of Los Angeles, right next to the LAX airport, lies the ghost town of Surfridge. It all began in 1921 when Palisades del Rey neighborhood, what later came to be called Playa del Rey, was development by Dickinson & Gillespie Co. All the houses in the area were custom built and many among them were beach houses of Hollywood actors and producers. 

In the 1960's however, parts of land in the southern part of Playa del Rey, which was known as Surfridge, were acquired by the city of Los Angeles to facilitate the expansion of LAX airport and to address concerns about noise from jet airplanes. Some home owners chose to remain in the area but eventually all houses were either demolished or moved. 

Today, the abandoned land of Surfidge is protected by barbed-wire fences. People have long gone from what was once a beachfront paradise, however the lamp posts in the empty streets still light up every night. 

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  1. Air travel should be restricted to packages. Airports ruin whole cities.

  2. The 2011 film 'In Time' used Surfridge as a filming location. The final scenes mainly.

  3. I have been there before when the real estate was still in use.

  4. So much beautiful beachfront being wasted, such a shame.

  5. So much beautiful beachfront being wasted, such a shame.


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