Thursday, November 3, 2016

The abandoned 'El Caballo Blanco' theme park of Sydney

'El Caballo Blanco' (The White Horse) was a Spanish-inspired amusement park, which opened in 1974 in the Catherine Field suburb, south-west of Sydney, Australia. The park was opened by Western Australian business entrepreneur Ray Williams who had brought the first Spanish horses in Australia a few years earlier. 

El Caballo Blanco's main attraction was its Andalusian dancing stallions, but the park also featured miniature Falabella miniature horses, and a number of non-equestrian related amusements such as waterslides, train rides, and a small wildlife zoo.

After the park shut down in 1999, the site was partly used to store items such as carpets, until a fire engulfed much of the building housing the main show arena. In 2015, demolition of the remaining buildings and attractions commenced to make way for a residential development.

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