Thursday, April 14, 2016

McBarge: An abandoned floating Mc Donald's restaurant in Canada

There was a time when floating McDonald's restaurants were a thing. McBarge -officially known as Friendship 500- was built for the Expo '86 in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was basically a 57-metre-long (187 ft) barge that was converted into a McDonald's restaurant during the 1986 World Exposition. It was designed by Robert Allan Ltd and it was one of the 5 McDonald's locations inside the Expo grounds with the intention to showcase future technology and architecture.

The McBarge was initially supposed to be used as a restaurant after the Expo but it remained empty in the Expo grounds until 1991 when the owner forced McDonald's to remove it. Since then, it had been anchored derelict in Burrard Inlet, north of Burnaby, British Columbia. In 1991, the barge's new owner proposed a plan for a waterfront development on the Fraser River, with the former McBarge as the centrepiece. The plan however was rejected by the local government for environmental reasons.

In December 2015, the owner announced that the barge would soon be leaving Burrard Inlet after nearly 30 years. It was moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia on December 22 where it is scheduled for a $4.5-million refit, before being relocated to an undisclosed location.

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  1. THIS is the coolest thing but what its missing is the boat up window!


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