Monday, November 2, 2015

Inside the Jaisalmer ghost airport in India

Jaisalmer Airport, located in the north-western Indian state of Rajasthan, was supposed to boost the Jaisalmer town's tourism after its construction finished in 2013. Until today though, the airport was never officially inaugurated and it has seen no scheduled flights. 

Built at a cost of $17 million, it is one of the 8 airports India has constructed over the last decade. None of them have entered service. The previous Indian government thought of new airports as a way to encourage travel and commerce across remote parts of the country so they scheduled the construction of 200 of them. However, the airports alone weren't enough to bring tourism. Today, dozens of Indian airports remain deserted as it wouldn't be profitable for the airlines to schedule flights when there is no demand for air travel. 

Jaisalmer Airport is big enough to handle more than 300,000 travellers a year, with parking bays for three 180-seater narrow-body jets. As no travellers have passed through its gates, it joins the list of deserted, ghost airports.


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