Wednesday, August 29, 2012

China's Abandoned Wonderland

"Wonderland" was supposed to be the Chinese version of Disneyworld. The ruins of what would be the biggest theme park in Asia are situated just 45 minutes outside the center of Beijing, on a 100-acre plot of land. Construction begun in 1998 by the Reignwood Group (a Thai-owned property developer) but it stopped around the year 2000 after disagreements with the local government and farmers over property prices.

Developers briefly tried to restart construction in 2008, but without success. Property prices in China have risen 140% since 1998. Reuters photographer David Grey says 'Wonderland' is “another sad example of property development in China involving wasted money, wasted resources and the uprooting of farmers and their families.”

Today, the abandoned theme park lies surrounded by fields of corn while signs warn visitors to proceed at their own risk.

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Wonderland from catherine Hyland on Vimeo.

Photos credit: 1-15 David Grey/Reuters via, 16-19, 20-21, 22
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  1. Such waste! Although the video shows that as is, it still has visitors. I lived near Disneyland in California as a child, such a place is awesome as a getaway into a fantasy world. It would be wonderful for China to have a "Wonderland".

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  3. Such a waste! I wonder how much money they have invested into that? I hope the people dislocated from their homes were very well compensated!


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