Monday, July 23, 2012

Ciudad Real Central Airport, Spain

Ciudad Real Central Airport is an abandoned airport in the south of Ciudad Real, near Madrid. The airport opened in 2009 and cost 1.1 billion Euros. It shut down in April of 2012.

It was intendend to serve both Madrid and the Andaluscian coast, each accessible by AVE high-speed train in 50 minutes. However, due to poor planning and overoptimism, major deficiencies in the early planning stages were overlooked. The airport never had demand from the major airlines, with carriers Nostrum and Vueling announcing routes but terminating them a few months later. The passenger traffic was measured in the low thousands, compared to the anticipated traffic of up to 10 million.

From October of 2011 no airline made use of the airport; it was only used occasionaly by private jets. Spanish financial crisis deteriorated the situation and the airport ceased operation on 13 April 2012.

The 4,000 metre runway has to be continually painted with yellow crosses, so pilots flying over the airport will know they cannot land there.

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