Monday, December 5, 2016

An abandoned funeral home in Jacksonville, Florida

Downtown’s Moulton & Kyle Funeral Home was founded in 1856 by Calvin Oak. While living in Vermont a few years earlier, Calvin was told that he had 6 months to live due to tuberculosis. Not feeling defeated by his diagnosis, he decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida and start a new life. 

In Florida, Calvin Oak lived 30 more years, becoming a successful businessman and one of Jacksonville's most prominent citizen's. He first became a manufacturer of guns, barrels and cartridges, building the city's first factory, while he also owned a jewelry store. In 1956 he went into the the marble and mortuary business with his son, Byron. 

After his death, as the business was in need for new modern facility, architecture firm Mark & Shetfall were commissioned to design a new two-story, Prairie School style building. The building was completed in 1914, while 12 years later a parking garage that featured a roundtable, which enabled cars to drive into the building and then turn around to head back out to the street, was added. 

As time passed, the funeral home went through new owners and was renamed Kyle McLellan Funeral Home. Its last owners, the Peeples family, relocated the business to a five acre site near River City Marketplace in 2013. What was left behind can be seen in this set of pictures. 


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  1. I found this blog from Google while I was looking for pictures for abandoned places. I have to say I am absolutely mesmerized by your work. The photographs are eerily beautiful. I really admire the choices you make. keep up the excellent work.

  2. Cool - can't imagine why they left so many things there when they moved. Thanks for sharing!


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